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Since Google launched YouTube Shorts last year, it has been pushing to increase engagement and provide more content on the platform. The company previously tested the “Shorts” button on the navigation bar, as well as the special “New” button for “Shorts Now”.

However, Google is trying to make YouTube shorts more attractive to developers. The company set up a $100 million fund to pay developers who create engaging content on the Shorts platform. During the period 2021-2022, any creator can receive payment, regardless of whether they participate in the YouTube membership program. Google said in a blog post announcing the foundation:

“We are in contact with thousands of donors every month. These short videos have received the most attention and are considered a reward for their contributions. To renew the fund To get paid, all you have to do is create interesting and innovative content and follow the community guidelines. This is just the first step for YouTube to monetize YouTube short films.

In the near future, we should learn more about how to make money from short films. “The Shorts Fund is our first step in building a profit model for YouTube short films. This is one of our top priorities and it will take some time to resolve it correctly. The company said: “We are actively working.” At the same time, the company also announced some new features for short films. Users can now add automatic subtitles to shorts, and the recording limit for shorts has been increased to 60 seconds. Now you can also add clips from the phone library to the shorts and add basic filters (planned to be used in the future).

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