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In the latest update, Google Meet has added control over audits, as well as new security features and quick access tools for requesting permission to join meetings. Learn about all the new features of Google Meet.

Assign Up to 25 Co-Hosts in Google Meet

In the future, you can schedule a meeting with up to 25 co-hosts. To access this feature, go to Google Meet Settings> Moderator Control and enable moderator management options. After activation, the host and co-owners can restrict who can share the screen, send chat messages, mute everyone with one click, end the meeting for everyone, and control who can join the meeting.

To add a participant as a co-host, you can click the three-dot menu next to the person and select Add as a co-host. Adding co-hosts is limited to Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Business Standard Client, Business Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, and teaching and learning upgrades.

In addition, Google has added the ability to search for participants, so you can check if a specific person has joined the meeting, or you can mute their voice so that students are less likely to like it. This feature will be available on the web and mobile devices through Google Meet.

Google Meet also extends quick access control for most Google Workspace customers. With this feature, participants from the same domain can join the meeting without waiting for approval.

In terms of accessibility, Google will begin rolling out all of the above for the Web and Android on August 16, and iOS users will begin to see them on August 30. The function is shown at the end.

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