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Microsoft plans to hold a special conference for the next generation of Windows on June 24. Under the Sun Valley name, we have seen many potential features that Microsoft may introduce in the next Windows version in the past few months. The event is coming, you need to know everything about Windows 11. Will the next version of Windows really be called Windows 11? Do you need to pay for Windows again? We will cover everything, including Windows 11 title, release date, new features, and so much more.

Windows 11: Everything We Know So Far (June 2021)

Windows 11: New Name?

Unexpectedly, Microsoft seems to call the upcoming Windows 10 update Sun Valley (21H2) “Windows 11” and changed its early position of setting Windows 10 as the latest operating system. This indicates that Microsoft will use this name in its next major update. The first prompt comes from Windows. As can be seen from the event announcement below, the Redmond giant chose not to add a horizontal shadow line on the logo. The company has horizontal lines in similar images posted on its Instagram in the past.

In addition, Microsoft recently announced that it will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. According to reports, the company has updated its support lifecycle page to include Windows 10’s weekend retirement date.

For Windows 10, this is a clear sign that Windows 11 may be launched soon. Another powerful hint comes from the famous insider Evan Blass. Pale went to Twitter to share this tweet. This shows that the new update will actually be called Windows 11. Check out this tweet below. After that, expect Microsoft to name the next update: Windows 11. We will know the official name of the next Windows update when Microsoft releases the operating system on June 24, so stay tuned for more information.

Windows 11: Release Date

We should assume Microsoft to announce the discharge date of Windows eleven at its occasion subsequent week. The occasion is scheduled for June 24 at eleven:00 AM ET, which interprets to 8:00 AM PT or 8:30 PM IST. Microsoft can also additionally launch an Insider construct quickly after the occasion to offer early adopters a flavor of its subsequent-gen laptop OS. It’s safe to assume a strong launch someday in October 2021.

Windows 11: Complete Timeline

In case you are curious about the availability of Windows 11, here’s a complete timeline for the upcoming update:

  • Windows 11 Launch Date – Microsoft will announce the next Windows update, widely speculated to be Windows 11, on June 24.
  • Windows 11 Insider Preview Release Date – Microsoft could release Windows 11 for Insiders after the June event. Insiders in the Dev Channel will be the first to get a taste of the new design overhaul.
  • Windows 11 Stable Update Release Date – Microsoft usually rolls out the second Windows 10 update in October each year. We could expect the company to follow this approach and start rolling out the new version for all users in October.

Windows 11 Price: Will Windows 10 Users Get Free Windows 11 Upgrade?

When Microsoft introduced Windows 11, the bigger question was, what will happen to current Windows 10 users? Well, according to this story, we can expect Microsoft to provide free updates for current Windows 10 users, and we will have to wait for the Windows event later this month.

The Redmond giant launched Windows as a service deployment to reach more users and make it easier for everyone to get the latest updates in 2015, and provide free Windows 10 updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Microsoft has more than 1 billion active Windows 10 users all over the world.

Windows 11: Top New Features

We recently wrote an article summarizing all the features that can be expected in the Windows 10 Sun Valley Update (21H2), which may be released as Windows 11. You can find all the expected update features in this in-depth article. .. Here we focus on the main features of Windows 11.

Redesigned Settings App

Microsoft is redesigning the Windows 11 settings application. It should look cleaner, as shown in the image below. The screenshot was taken from the Italian tech blog (now deleted) and posted on the Windows 10 subreddit.

As you can see, Microsoft is tweaking the Settings app to include colorful icons for key options. Notably, Microsoft has placed all the main options towards the left of the app, which in turn acts as a sidebar. This way, you can quickly jump between the various Settings options without having to come back to the primary screen.

UI Revamp with Rounded Corners

As part of Microsoft’s Windows Visual Update, the company will add rounded corners throughout the operating system. Microsoft may even be implementing a floating start menu similar to the now-defunct Windows 10X, and we can’t wait to try it. When Microsoft released the first Insider version.

New Action Center

In Windows 10X, Microsoft redesigned the operation center and improved its design and functionality. For example, in Windows 10X, you can change Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices without opening the Settings page, but you can expand these menus without leaving the action center. This is a huge usability improvement. Now that Microsoft has officially retired Windows 10X, we can expect a similar implementation in Windows 11. In the meantime, check out our article on the best Windows 10X features and check out our guide on how to run Windows 10X on your PC.

When you go to notifications, they are now in a separate section above the quick settings panel. There is also a clear all button to turn off any pending notifications. Microsoft can even add a dashboard to the task view to track your Microsoft account and upcoming events.

Redesigned Microsoft Store

Microsoft updated the Xbox Store in August last year and is preparing an update for the Microsoft Store. According to a recent report from Windows Central, the new Microsoft Store will have a modern interface and be more open to users and developers.

According to reports, the new store will allow developers to publish Win32 applications that do not require packaging, hosting applications and updates on their own content delivery network (CDN), and allow developers to use third-party commercial platforms in their applications. From a developer’s perspective, it is changing and promises to make the Microsoft Store the place for all applications.

Windows 11: The Future Of Windows

So, that’s all we know about Windows 11 ahead of the release. The announcement is merely a week away and we will learn all the new features at the upcoming event. At the moment, all the hints point towards a major revamp for Microsoft’s desktop OS and a much-rumored Windows 11 moniker. We will have to wait and see if all the hype and anticipation results in increased adoption for Microsoft’s new version of Windows or not. What are your expectations from Windows 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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