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Windows 11: Amazon’s Android store shows up in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is bringing Android mobile apps to the Microsoft Store with the arrival of Windows 11. Microsoft plans to make Android apps work natively in Windows 10 Mobile by leveraging the same technologies that power Windows Subsystem for Linux and Project Astoria.

Google Play Store and the Apple App Store continue to be the most popular app stores, but Microsoft’s store is gaining popularity. It’s the goal of Windows 11 to make things better by supporting two key features: unpackaged Win32 desktop programs and support for native-like Android apps.

Microsoft is developing its own Android subsystem, which was recently discovered in the Microsoft Store. Amazon’s Appstore has now appeared in the Microsoft Store ahead of the first public preview and it requires Windows 11 Build 22000 or newer, but the app store is not yet available for download.

Users will have to sign in with their Amazon accounts in order to download apps from Amazon’s App Store when it launches for Windows 11. The files can only be downloaded from the Amazon AppStore, and the Microsoft Store will primarily be used to promote mobile apps in search results.

Integrating Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft announced at the developer conference that it will create a proxy native app to manage the bridge between the mobile and desktop models. Microsoft Developer Conference. Users will be able to install and uninstall mobile apps from Settings or Control Panel after these enhancements make the app feel more native.

For those who don’t know, Windows Subsystem for Android is based on Windows Subsystem for Linux, which uses Hyper-V and the Linux kernel to run Linux apps on the desktop alongside your Windows apps.

Microsoft plans to translate Arm code using Intel Bridge Technology. This feature will work on AMD and ARM processors, according to a Microsoft statement.

However, the Android integration in Windows 11 will not support the Google Play ecosystem and Google Play services.

Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon’s App Store on Amazon-branded Fire OS devices to make things easier for end-users.

Using the Microsoft Store, you’ll be able to look for Amazon mobile apps directly in Amazon’s app catalog. You must click on “Get from Amazon App Store” to download your Android apps. This will download and install Amazon AppStore for you.

While it’s possible to manually sideload APKs from the Google Play Store, you should be aware that these apps may not function correctly.

There were also listings on Geekbench for the Windows 11 Android subsystem under the placeholder name “Qualcomm ARMv8” in addition to the Store listings.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft has tested the Android subsystem on a wide range of systems, so the results vary drastically.

So far, that’s all we know about Android apps on Windows 11.

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