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WhatsApp Starts Rolling out Multi-Device Support; Here’s How It Works

After months of testing multi-device support with beta testers, WhatsApp has begun rolling out the long-awaited feature to all Android and iOS users in the stable version. This function allows you to use WhatsApp on numerous devices without needing to keep your smartphone connected to the internet, as the name implies.

How to Use WhatsApp Web without Smartphone Connected to Internet

Other than your primary smartphone, WhatsApp’s multi-device capability permits a total of four devices. These devices can be smart screens from WhatsApp Web, desktop, or Facebook Portal. It’s worth noting that, for the time being, you can’t use the same WhatsApp account on two phones.

WhatsApp claims it’s still in the early phases of rolling out multi-device compatibility. As a result, even if you have the most recent version of the messaging software, you may not notice the functionality right away. On Android, though, you can check if it’s available by going to the ‘Linked Devices’ option from the vertical three dots menu at the top right. On iPhone, the ‘Linked Devices’ option is found in the Settings menu.

One unintentional consequence of WhatsApp’s multi-device rollout today was security code changes. However, WhatsApp’s head of engineering Nitin Gupta says this won’t be the case for long. “We are early in the MD rollout and pushed more broadly than we intended today. We do intend to make it seamless. Our upcoming change will only send security code notifs when a user re-registers their whole account just like today,” wrote Nitin Gupta, WhatsApp VP, Head of Engineering.

Meanwhile, popular WhatsApp alternative Signal’s founder Moxie Marlinspike criticized WhatsApp for changing the security code of users. “Pretty unfortunate design decision here, I can’t believe this is the solution they chose. With some minimal effort, they could have done this multi-device transition seamlessly,” wrote Moxie Marlinspike on Twitter.

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