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WhatsApp finally started to implement voice calls for Jio phones and other KaiOS phones on the market. Starting today, Jio mobile phone users and other smart phones will be able to use WhatsApp for voice calls on their devices.

Recently started to release a new update of its KaiOS app. Users of Jio phones and other KaiOS phones only need to update WhatsApp to the latest version (v2.2110.41) to enable this feature.

For those who don’t know: WhatsApp was launched for KaiOS devices in 2018 and has been the best application outside of the KaiOS system ever since, with the highest monthly active users in the world. To this day, I have not been able to use the application to make calls.

WhatsApp launched an audio call feature for smartphone users in 2015, but the company only recently added the feature to its web platform. The company expanded its voice capabilities after launching audio/video calls for desktops and the WhatsApp network. Call the functions of the KaiOS platform.

Although the update now supports voice calls between Jio phones and other KaiOS phones, the voice call function of WhatsApp is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Therefore, users must log in to use this feature on these devices and connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. It is suitable for devices with at least 512MB RAM.

By connecting their device to the Internet, they can use WhatsApp to make voice calls with friends and family. In addition, as long as their devices remain connected, users can receive voice calls on their devices as standard phones.

Therefore, if you are a Jio phone or KaiOS device user, please update WhatsApp immediately to get this feature. This is a very useful addition because ordinary phone users can contact their loved ones. Calling by voice is cheap.

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