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">What is EdXposed, and what can you do with it on your Android device?

Magisk modules are a quick and easy way to deploy system-level tweaks to your device without having to manually edit system files. To have the changes take effect, simply download the module, activate it with the Magisk app, and reboot your device. Most modules add or change a single function or setting on your device, however some install another framework to expand modding possibilities. Riru, for example, is a Magisk plugin that allows developers to run code in the context of the Android Zygote process.

Because Riru fundamentally mimics the Xposed Framework’s functioning philosophy, an advanced Riru module can theoretically act as a universal Android runtime (ART) hooking platform. One such Riru module is EdXposed. It may appear to be an oversimplification, but using Magisk to implement the entire Xposed Framework is a fresh notion. In a nutshell, Riru handles all of the prerequisites for setting up an Xposed-styled environment, whereas EdXposed provides a comparable API for Xposed modules to operate with.

What is EdXposed?

EdXposed (short for “Elder driver Xposed”) is the evolution of the Xposed Framework in the form of a Riru module, created by XDA Recognized Developer mlgmxyysd and XDA Member solohsu. The SandHook and YAHFA (Yet Another Hook Framework for ART) projects are used behind the scenes. EdXposed Manager is a companion app for the module that allows users to check the condition of the core and download other Xposed modules.

What are the features of EdXposed?

  • It’s completely free and open-source.
  • Various tamper-detection apps have a low detection rate.
  • In the event of a soft brick, it is easily shut off.
  • The original Xposed API is supported.
  • Android Oreo 8.0 through Android 11 are supported.

How to download EdXposed?

EdXposed’s ready-to-flash version can be downloaded from its GitHub repo. The companion app, EdXposed Manager, is available on a different GitHub repo, which is linked below.

Download EdXposed || Download EdXposed Manager

How can I install EdXposed?

Make sure you have the most recent version of Magisk on the target device before installing EdXposed. Because the most recent version of Riru (v26.x) is incompatible with EdXposed, you must first install Riru v25.x.

1. From the aforementioned URL, get the EdXposed ZIP package. If you downloaded it on a computer or a Mac, connect your Android device to it and copy the ZIP file to the target device’s internal memory.

2. Using the bottom navigation menu, open the Magisk app and select the Modules tab.

3. Select the Install from Storage option. Next, locate and pick the ZIP file you already downloaded.

•You can also use a custom recovery like TWRP to flash the ZIP file.

4. Restart your device after the installation is complete.

•If you flashed your phone with the Magisk app, the app will prompt you to reboot.
•You must manually navigate to the TWRP power menu and select the Reboot to System option if you flashed with TWRP.

5. If the companion app isn’t visible, or if the app asks you to install the complete version, sideload the EdXposed Manager APK (refer to the previous section for the download link).

6. You’re finished!

Comparison between EdXposed and the original Xposed Framework

Android Oreo is the last Android version supported by the traditional Xposed Framework. In addition, the original Xposed installer was never intended to function in “systemless” mode. EdXposed, on the other hand, works with Android versions from Oreo to 11. Because of its reliance on Riru, it can work alongside Magisk without affecting the underlying system.

EdXposed, on the other hand, is no longer in active development. Since February 2021, neither the manager app nor the codebase have seen a commit. Of course, the frequency of commits should not be used to determine a project’s uniqueness, but the lack of development is a red flag for the aftermarket modding community, especially given the ever-changing Android ecosystem.


Now that you know how to install and configure EdXposed, go ahead and download a few Xposed modules and start fiddling with your Android device. You should not install both of these frameworks at the same time; instead, choose the one that best meets your needs.

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