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Twitter India Offices Raided by Delhi Police Over “Manipulated Media” Tweets

When members of the ruling Indian party posted the so-called “toolbox” on Twitter, the opposition party was using it to thwart the prime minister’s efforts to contain the COVID. Twitter called these tweets “manipulative media.” Then, the Delhi police sent a notice to the Twitter office in India explaining why these tweets were posted on the same day.

When the social media giant received no response, the police raided Twitter India’s Delhi and Gurgaon offices on Monday to seek a response. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra (Sambit Patra) recently shared a tweet (now deleted) that the opposition party, the Congress, is using some kind of “toolkit” to thwart efforts to contain the country’s coronavirus. Twitter called the tweet “media-driven” because it allegedly contained false information. The Indian news agency Alt News later confirmed that the news did contain false information.

Then, on Monday, three teams from the Delhi Special Police controlled by the central government visited Twitter India’s offices in Delhi and Gurgaon. PRO Chinmoy Biswal from the Delhi Police Department told the media that the operation “is part of a routine procedure.

“This was necessitated as we wanted to ascertain who is the right person to serve a notice, as replies by Twitter India MD have been very ambiguous,” Biswal said. Another senior police officer said that he posted a notice on the “tool kit” issue on Twitter, but did not receive a “sufficient response.”

“We want to know what information Twitter has about the toolkit and why they chose to give the ‘manipulated media’ label. Our team visited their Gurgaon office on Golf Course Road and Delhi office in Mehrauli to hand over the notice,” the officer said.

To her regret, Twitter India is currently working remotely and no one is working in the Delhi office. The police who arrived at the scene found that the scene was sealed off. On the other hand, a police team went to the Twitter branch in Gurgaon. India could not find an office. According to reports, officials left the premises at 8:15 on Monday night.

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