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After adding COVID-19 caller ID and health directory verification to its platform, Truecaller today announced several new features for its users, including support for group voice calls, smart SMS filters, and mailbox cleaning tools. The company said that these features are added based on user feedback and are designed to “meet the changing needs of users.”

Truecaller New Features

Group Voice Calling

Starting with the group voice call function, Truecaller now allows its users to make group voice calls with up to 8 people. During the voice call, the application maintains the user’s “high-definition voice” to help the user identify and remove junk users during the call.

Users can also add members who are not in their contact list. Generally, these applications only allow the user to add people in the user’s contact list to the call. However, Truecaller voice group basically allows users to skip the above process and add any users without saving their phone numbers.

When you initiate a group voice call, the app will also notify you if one of the call participants is busy or offline. During the call, Truecaller will display the location of each participant in the call. In addition, the company stated that group voice calls are protected by symmetric encryption.

Smart SMS

Now, as we turn to smart SMS filtering, this feature will greatly help users filter out unwanted text messages from different companies. The company claims that 80% of the messages its users receive every day are from companies. Smart SMS tools use the same algorithm as the app to identify spam callers to help users easily filter irrelevant messages in the inbox.

Inbox Cleaner

On the other hand, the inbox cleaning tool can help users delete old spam in the inbox. According to the company, a quick click on the Inbox Cleaner tool will display old OTP and spam accumulated over a period of time. time frame. Then quickly pressing the “Delete” button again will immediately delete old and unwanted messages from the user’s device without affecting their important data. The tool runs in the background when the user is processing other tasks in Truecaller or other applications.


As far as the availability of Truecaller’s new features is concerned, all three features are currently available to all Android users; however, for now, smart messaging is only available to Android users in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

It will soon cover users in the United States, Sweden, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia. For iOS users, it is not clear when these features will be available on the Apple platform. You can download Truecaller from the Google Play store or update the app to the latest version to get these features immediately.

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