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When you activate Instagram after using it in dark mode for a while, the bright white screen can damage your eyes. Fortunately, Instagram provides its users with a dark mode, which can be turned on from the app settings. Today, we’ll demonstrate the top 5 methods for turning on Instagram’s dark mode on Android and PC.

Enable system-wide dark mode using phone settings

Apps that support dark mode switch to it automatically after you enable it on your phone. This also applies to Instagram. Go to Settings>Display>Dark Mode on your phone to turn on dark mode.

Enable dark mode in the Instagram app

You can enable dark mode for just the Instagram app if you do not want to enable it for the entire operating system. Simply click Settings>Theme from the profile menu to enable Instagram’s dark mode.

Enable dark mode for Instagram in a web browser

Although Instagram doesn’t currently offer dark mode for its website, you can still get it with a quick hack. Simply type into your web browser to access Instagram.

A dark mode will be applied to your website.

Enable dark mode for Instagram using Google Chrome Extension

Every website you open in Google Chrome has a dark mode extension that works, including Instagram. Simply search for “Dark Mode for Chrome” on the Chrome web store. Once the extension is installed and turned on, you can use Instagram in Chrome’s dark mode.

Enable dark mode for Instagram using Chrome Flags

You can enable a number of beta features for your web browser using Chrome flags. Dark mode is one of these features. Simply search for dark mode at chrome:/flags. Select “enabled” under “Auto dark mode for web contents.”

These are all the options for activating Instagram’s dark mode on Android and PC. Because it delivers the least strain on the eyes, the dark mode is the favoured theme for many users. Download Screen Shader or f.lux for your PC or smartphone if you wish to take additional steps to lessen eye strain.

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