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After promoting its next-generation Windows OS for a long time, Microsoft finally launched the public distribution of Windows 11 last month. Even though the updated desktop OS, which is available as a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users, adds several new features, customers have reported several severe issues. A recently discovered Windows 11 is causing laptop battery percentages to exceed the standard 100% barrier.

The flaw was first discovered by a Redditor named Zondax, who posted a screenshot of a laptop with a 103 percent battery level on the r/Windows11 subreddit. Following the first sighting, the original publisher (OP) shared a new screenshot, this time showing the battery status at 104 percent. The Reddit post can be found directly below.

The Redditor was reportedly playing a game of Old School Runescape on the laptop while it was charging when the battery level reached the unusual point. Although the user did not disclose the laptop model or its brand, PC Gamer reports that the user was running Windows 11 with OS build number 22483.1000.

Furthermore, Zondax stated in a subsequent comment that he “kinda don’t want to unplug it” since he was “interested to see how far it will go.” The user, on the other hand, did not provide any updates following the abovementioned comment. He did, however, give the second screenshot of the 104 percent battery charge, which you can see below.

This is clearly a defect rather than a feature of Windows 11. However, when compared to other Windows 11 issues, it’s quite unique. Users typically report issues that cause the battery percentage to stall at a given point or for the battery level to abruptly drop. This is a glitch that, on the other hand, raises the battery level to an unexpected level, potentially damaging the device’s battery.

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