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This Nifty App Turns the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con into a Security Tripwire

Nintendo’s handheld game console Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular game consoles on the market. However, in addition to fun, high-quality games, you will soon be able to use the Switch as a home security device.

Nintendo game development company Sabec recently released Spy Alarm for Switch. It can be used as a game for the Switch console on Nintendo’s official website, at a price of US$9.99 (approximately Rs 723). However, Spy Alert is essentially an application that turns Switch’s Joy-con into a security tool.

Now, if you own a switch, you know that the device is not designed to be a security device. However, if you don’t know the Joy-Con (one of the Switch controllers) that applies to your Switch console. Includes an infrared (IR) sensor.

The spy alert app uses this infrared sensor to create a simple and effective security system. The application uses Joy-Con’s infrared sensor to create an invisible beam that stretches and allows someone or something to pass through the beam.

Then, the user can start the application and place the Joy-Con with an infrared sensor in a comfortable position to prevent someone from falling. In this case, a beep will sound on the Nintendo Switch and the time of intrusion will be recorded. The app provides four different alarm tones and has an intrusion recorder that can record the number of times the alarm is triggered when the user is not present.

This sounds cool and interesting, but there are some limitations. For example, since the application uses the correct Joy-Con infrared sensor, the controller will be fully charged at this time. The ability to use the appropriate Joy-Con game while using the application and the ability to continuously perform infrared recording in a vacuum is expensive for the battery life of the controller.

Therefore, if you want Nintendo Switch’s Spy Alarm app to replace your home security system, please think twice! However, you can use the app to temporarily protect the safety of the playground by grabbing snacks from the refrigerator.

You can get the “Spy Alert” from the official Nintendo website.

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