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This New Cryptocurrency Focuses on Charitable Donations to Help ‘Change’ the World

Although cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Chia Coin are very popular in the modern world, many of them actually fail to achieve their purpose. Some people moved on Twitter based on Elon Musk’s roar, while others were classified as pollution. The recently launched cryptocurrency aims to change this situation by bringing it back to the world.

Therefore, when you invest in this cryptocurrency, part of your investment will go to various charities around the world. Slightly different business model. The company’s goal is to donate the funds raised to various charities around the world. The creators proved this. They donated more than US$136,000 within 24 hours to restore more than 10,000 trees in areas affected by the Australian forest fires.

To invest, buy or sell CHANGE tokens immediately, you can head to the PancakeSwap exchange platform ($CHANGE), which can be used for many other crypto transactions. But please note that every CHANGE coin transaction contains 10 e. Among these 10%, 1% will be redistributed among existing holders as a bonus for investment tokens. Then transfer the remaining amount to the liquidity pool.

This money is reserved for donations, and the other half is used to support the fund for future currency development. In addition to the original business model, CHANGE now also prioritizes the transparency of its financial activities. Your social network is being processed, and we hope that the community will suggest organizations or companies that can use the donation.

Every week, the creators of CHANGE will post donations on YouTube. “It would be nice to imagine a world wherein every single transaction — a piece of that goes to charity,” Co-founder of CHANGE Matt Corman said on a YouTube Livestream.

Therefore, CHANGE focuses on philanthropy and several other cryptocurrencies with the highest value. With the ambitious goal of improving the world, this cryptocurrency may become the next big thing in the market-cryptocurrency.

Featured image courtesy from beebom.

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