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Humans can now monitor their heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and other crucial health signs thanks to the introduction of health-focused smartwatches like the Apple Watch. Now, a startup named Invoxia has developed a comparable health-monitoring device for dogs that is disguised as a smart collar. It is the world’s first biometric health collar for dogs, and it allows pet owners to follow their canine companions’ heart and respiratory rates, daily activities, and even their whereabouts via GPS.

Invoxia Smart Collar for Dogs

At CES 2022, the Invoxia Smart Collar for dogs was presented. The startup claims to have developed a deep-learning AI algorithm to track a dog’s health in collaboration with many qualified veterinary cardiologists. The smart collar was created using miniature radar sensors, similar to the Soli radar used by Google on the Pixel 4.

To monitor the health of dogs, these tiny radar sensors use radio frequencies that are not reflected by hair. As a result, unlike smartwatches, which require direct touch with the user’s skin to collect health data, the smart collar works regardless of how fluffy your four-legged companions are.

“There’s a radar that faces the neck and sends a radio signal, and that signal will not be reflected by the hair. So it doesn’t matter how much fur or hair there is, it’ll be reflected by the first layer of skin. So the radar will actually be able to know the speed and movement of the skin right under the collar,” Amélie Caudron told The Verge in a statement.

Because the radar sensors rely on radio signals, the smart collar may sit loosely on a dog’s neck without exerting too much strain on its throat area, according to Caudron.

The Invoxia smart collar for dogs has monitoring capabilities that allow it to monitor and track daily behaviors such as walking, running, scratching, eating, barking, and relaxing. The company claims to be tracking the dogs’ everyday activities using four years of data obtained via its existing GPS Pet Tracker software. It also has a removable cloth cover to make it easier to clean the device when your dog returns from a muddy pond bathing session.

The Invoxia smart collar can track your pet’s whereabouts via GPS in addition to tracking their health vitals. It also has a built-in buzzer and an escape alarm, and it’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE-M compatible.

It’s worth noting, though, that the Invoxia smart collar will only be available for medium to large canines at first. This is because developing a more compact version of the radar technology that the smart collar relies on is currently impossible. Furthermore, carrying the entire device around their necks would be too heavy for smaller canines.

Price and Availability

Invoxia hopes to deliver the smart collar for dogs sometime in the summer of 2022, with a price and availability to follow. The smart collar is projected to cost $99 (Rs 7,370). However, in order to access the device’s GPS capabilities, customers must subscribe to the Invoxia Pet Tracker app for $12.99 (Rs 967) every month.

So, what are your thoughts on the Invoxia Pet Smart Collar? Would you buy something like this for your pet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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