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2022 will see a dearth of excellent smartwatches despite a competitive industry. With the release of the Gen 6 Smartwatch Venture Edition, Fossil has announced an upgrade to its Gen 6 Smartwatch just in time for summer. Even though the recently unveiled wristwatch was announced about a year after the first Gen 6 Smartwatch was released, it is shocking to see how little has changed.

The Gen 6 Smartwatch Venture Edition isn’t much that different from the previous model, which was released in the summer of 2021, as was already mentioned. The watch will continue to have 1GB RAM and be powered by a Snapdragon 4100+ processor from Qualcomm. The device will contain 8GB of internal storage in terms of capacity. The Venture Edition will only be available in a single size, a 44mm stainless steel case with a 1.28-inch touchscreen circular AMOLED display. Three physical buttons, one of which is a crown, will be used for navigation on the case.

The watch will include a 22mm detachable fabric and leather strap that Fossil claims is constructed from eco-leather and recycled green nylon. Fossil has used the chance to enhance its smartphone app in addition to the watch. The UI, features, and functioning of the app have all been improved. The watch’s connectivity with Amazon’s Alexa will allow it to benefit from voice commands. The new software will work with other Fossil smartwatches in addition to the Gen 6 Venture Edition, where it is making its premiere.

A smartwatch obviously wouldn’t be complete without accurate activity tracking. Multiple sensors that detect physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and other things are included in the Gen 6 Venture Edition. The Fossil Gen 6 Venture Edition is offered online and at selected retail locations throughout the world. On June 27, it was most recently introduced in India for $23,995. According to Fossil, the Venture Edition will only be produced in a small quantity and won’t be an ongoing part of its product lineup.

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