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Sphero, a long-time robot toy manufacturer, announced the launch of a toy robot car designed to teach children the basics of programming through Gizmodo. It is called Sphero indi, and children can use colorful silicon bricks to point to cars to create journeys and mazes (and hope to learn logic to solve problems in doing so).

Indi uses color sensors to check the moving tiles: the green tiles tell him to accelerate, the pink tiles tell him to turn left, the purple tiles tell him to stop and celebrate, and so on. In order to teach children how to draw a route from point A to point B, the toy includes questioning cards, which lack tiles on the pattern. Therefore, you need to find out which tile color can help the car reach its goal.

Indi can follow the instructions on the tiles without connecting a phone or computer. But when your child is ready for more control, the Sphero Edu Jr app allows them to use block language to customize their behavior.

Indi is charged via USB and is equipped with speakers and LED lighting. In addition, the toy does not need to be connected to a smartphone or any other application to run. Start immediately, no screen. Give your toddler a learning experience. However, when your child is ready for a step, you can use the Sphero Edu Jr app to customize the instructions in a block-based language.

Price and Availability

Sphero indi can currently be booked from its official website. Provided as a separate student and classroom information package. The student kit includes an Indi robot machine, 20 color-coded tokens, 15 challenge cards, and the price is US$125 (approximately Rs 9,140). On the other hand, the classroom kit includes resources for 8 children at a price of US$1,199 (approximately Rs 87,770). The company plans to start shipping kits in September.

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