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It is not uncommon for popular brands to receive satirical comments on competitors’ social media profiles, but the latest Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal seem to have gone too far. Satirical memes from WhatsApp and Facebook.

Signal and Telegram Digs up at WhatsApp

Telegram sent a tweet showing the evolution of the classic Windows trash can icon. Finally, he used WhatsApp and Facebook to add one to his shopping cart in 2021. Everyone has a damn meme right away, especially after the controversial privacy policy update, WhatsApp tried to restore its image. You can view the problematic meme below:

This means a war against social media administrators. A few hours later, the Facebook-owned company responded with a meme stating that Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted by default. Regular chats do not use end-to-end encryption but instead use client-server encryption. You must use this beautiful telegram technique called “secret chat” to get end-to-end encryption.

Telegram replied that “users know how things work” and how they open the app to prove it.

In another case, WhatsApp tried again to explain to users the update of its privacy policy: it posted a tweet stating that you cannot see your private messages and your account will not be deleted on May 15th. It is because you have accepted the privacy policy. political. This is because WhatsApp plans to gradually restrict functions for users who do not accept the privacy policy.

To this end, Signal cited a tweet asking subscribers to switch to privacy instead of consent. Check out this tweet below:

It is certainly interesting to see how platforms creatively measure their competition with competitors. However, this is a reminder for beginners who are not aware of the dangers of using the application they are using.

Image courtesy from beebom.

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