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Shazam, Apple’s music detection service, is already well-liked by users. However, the company discreetly released a Shazam Chrome extension to make it more available to more people. This extension will make it simple for users to recognize music in Google Chrome, and here’s how it works.

Shazam Chrome Extension Released

The Shazam Chrome extension will allow users to recognize music playing in Chrome tabs, such as advertising or YouTube videos. Continue reading to learn how Shazam can identify a song and what track it belongs to.

The Chrome Store now has the extension available for download, and once installed, it will show next to the address bar. Users can then access the tab in which the song is playing and activate Shazam by touching on its symbol. In the top right corner, a little Shazam UI will appear, where you must tap the Shazam icon to begin the music recognition process.

When the Shazam Chrome extension recognizes a song, it displays its name as well as the singer’s name, just like the Shazam app. Users will be asked if they want to open the music in Apple Music as well. Apple Music customers have access to the entire song.

The Shazam extension will also show you a complete list of Shazam-ed songs that it has previously detected, as well as song lyrics, music videos, and more.

Shazam’s Chrome extension hasn’t been officially launched by Apple, although it is listed on the service’s website. It’s possible that it’s because the extension is buggy, as some users have complained that it doesn’t work for them.

If there are any issues with the Chrome extension, we hope Apple would deliver a remedy as soon as possible. Have you tried the Chrome addon for Shazam? Is it bothering you in any way? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

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