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As it turns out, Google’s Pixel phones don’t provide as good of support for third-party camera software developers as Samsung’s flagship phones, such the Galaxy S22. The CameraX Jetpack library is not supported on Google and other Android OEMs’ smartphones, despite Google encouraging camera app developers to utilise it.

@Wander1236 recently brought attention to this perplexing fact in the CameraXInfo app. The app has made it clear that neither the OnePlus 10 Pro nor Google’s Pixel support CameraX extensions. through @MaxWinebach

Samsung offers better CameraX support than Google

Samsung has outperformed expectations, while Google is falling short of its own benchmarks. Max Weinbach found that Samsung is leading the way for other OEMs to follow using the CameraXInfo app.

The Galaxy S22’s third-party camera app developers now have native access to all the extensions (Auto, Bokeh, HDR, Night, Face Retouch), and they can access all three sensors through a single logical camera, according to Samsung.

This explains why apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat can support the Galaxy S22’s native camera. Hopefully, Samsung will include this luxury in more of its Galaxy ranges and smartphones. In any case, since it is already performing better than Google and other Android companies, the Korean tech titan is once again the OEM to watch.

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