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When it comes to connecting your Android phone to your Windows PC or laptop, Samsung One UI 4.1 has made some fantastic advancements. The feature was formerly accessible through the ‘About Phone’ section, but it is now integrated into your phone’s settings.

Now it displays in the toggle bar as a ‘link to window,’ and similar to the case with the laptop, a separate Microsoft application called Phone Link is now available. Both applications should be linked via a QR code or an alphanumeric code.

Link to Windows?

You can link your device to a Windows PC to have fast access to data on your other device or computer, such as images and messages. You have the option of receiving calls and messages on your computer.

Take care of some important things:

  • To effectively utilise this functionality, you must have the most recent versions of Windows and your Phone application.
  • To access this function, you’ll need a separate Microsoft account. To login in across all of your devices and services, you only need one account.

Steps to connect with your computer:

  • Start the Settings programme.
  • Select Advanced options.
  • Open the Windows Link

Now, on your Windows laptop, follow the on-screen instructions and scan the QR code provided in the Phone Link app. You’re ready to go as soon as you scan it. Congratulations, you may now use your computer to access data and notifications from your smartphone.

The features and menu options available may differ based on the software version and model. So, what are you waiting for? Take out your Samsung phone and connect it to your desktop or laptop computer.

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