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With features like Buds Auto Switch, App Continuity, Keyboard Share, and others, the Galaxy ecosystem makes working with Galaxy devices easier and more pleasant. Private Share, for example, is accessible on both the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store. Samsung has added new features to the app with the latest update (version to make file sharing easier.

Private Share is a blockchain-powered privacy-first application that debuted alongside the Samsung blockchain wallet on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The upgrade enhanced the capacity to share up to 20 files at once, with a total size of less than 100MB, up from the previous restriction of 10 files and 20MB. The update also supports altering file names and recipients’ lists while sharing files, as well as selecting recipients from the contacts app.

Read-only sharing, no forwarding, and a no-screenshots policy were among the app’s other features. The Private Share app allows Galaxy smartphone users to send numerous files to friends and family via SMS, links, or QR codes. Finally, it allows you to share files with an expiration date so that receivers can only access them until that date.

Samsung Private Share

The app, like the previously revealed Samsung Quick Share, operates solely on Galaxy phones and requires the sender and recipient to both have the Private Share app installed. The sender can request to transmit files once advanced security features in the Biometrics and security area of your supported Samsung Phone are activated, and after the recipient approves the request, a private channel is created and the files are shared in Read-only mode.

The update is presently rolling out and can be downloaded via the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store on all compatible Galaxy phones.

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