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After a series of reports and successes, Realme finally demonstrated its magnetic Apple MagSafelike charging system for smartphones: MagDart, the Chinese giant, today demonstrated the world’s fastest magnetic charging solution with a charging speed of up to 50 W. A quick look at MagDart charging system and miscellaneous accessories Realme announced today.

Realme Flash, MagDart Chargers, and Accessories

Let’s start with the world’s first Android phone that supports the Realme MagDart wireless charging system. Realme Flash is a concept phone developed by the Chinese giant to test and demonstrate the MagDart charging system.

Although the company did not disclose much information about the device, Realme Flash has a curved screen, a hyperboloid back with an AG matte finish, and a 0.3 mm magnetic charging coil under the frame. Under the hood, the device is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 4,500 mAh battery, which supports fast-charging up to 50 W.

50W MagDart Charger with Air Cooling System

According to the company, the 50 W MagDart charger is the first MagDart accessory and the smallest and most powerful magnetic charger in the industry.

It is also equipped with an active cooling system that uses physical fans to improve thermal efficiency. This allows users to charge their devices while performing heavy tasks such as games or editing without the charger or device getting hot. The cooling system makes the equipment bulky.

Realme said that the 50W MagDart charger can charge the Realme Flash 4500mAh dual-cell battery from 0% to 20% in just 5 minutes, showing that the MagDart wireless charging solution is as fast as wired charging.

15W MagDart Slim Charger

In addition to the 50W charger, realme also launched an ultra-thin 15W MagDart charger, which aims to compete with Apple’s 15W MagSafe charger. Realme product marketing manager Alessio Bradde said that it is only 3.9 mm thick and lighter than Apple’s.

This is the result of a new design developed by the company in which the charging plate is installed in the charging port instead of a circular charging plate, allowing engineers to minimize the weight and thickness of the charging plate. In addition, the new design reduces heat generation and always maintains a high load level.

MagDart Power Bank

Realme also launched the slim and portable MagDart Power Bank, which is very similar to Apple’s recently launched battery. The onboard dual-cell battery weighs about 139 grams and is a pocket-sized device. The MagDart power supply is a good alternative to Apple. MagSafe battery.

The charging station is also included in the scope of delivery of the MagDart mobile power supply. It has a USB-C port, and users can plug it into a power bank to get a high-quality wireless charging dock for Realme smartphones.

MagDart Beauty Light

In addition to charging accessories, Realme also displayed MagDart Beauty Light accessories, which can enhance portrait photography and provide soft white light through 60 mini LEDs to enhance the effect of shooting.

The device is magnetically connected to a device that supports MagDart and supports reverse wireless charging. MagDart Beauty Light can be flipped forward when taking selfies.

MagDart Flash Wallet

Next is the MagDart wallet accessory we recently saw in the leaked rendering. As shown in recent leaks, the MagDart wallet is a simple accessory that can be connected to the back of your smartphone and can hold up to 3 debit or credit cards.

In addition, the MagDart wallet has an aluminum bracket that allows users to put the phone upright on a flat surface. It is made of strong white vegan leather and looks very neat.

MagDart Case For Realme GT

To the surprise of Realme GT owners, the company is now showing off the MagDart case developed specifically for Realme GT. This is a very beautiful accessory that adds MagDart support to Realme GT. It currently does not have MagDart compatible hardware.

It has a carbon fiber shell and a full-featured USB-C connector on the bottom. The shell connects to your smartphone through the Type-C connector and allows you to charge the device using MagDart technology. In addition, the USBC interface at the bottom supports the same data transmission. It has the same speed and support for wired charging as the standard USB-C port on Realme GT.

We can see this case displayed in India at the Realme GT event on August 18th later this month.

Realme MagDart Fusion Plan and Ecosystem

These are the MagDart compatible devices and accessories that Realme announced today. At the same time, the company announced the MagDart Fusion Plan, promising to open the MagDart standard to other OEMs in the future. Therefore, Realme aims to create a huge ecosystem. Devices and accessories are compatible with MagDart, especially those from third-party manufacturers.

In terms of availability, the company did not give a specific timetable for the launch of MagDart products. There is also no price information. However, since Realme has already released MagDart accessories, we can expect the company to launch these accessories soon. MagDart compatible phones on the market.

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