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OnePlus Digital WellPaper app offers new look, adds three new wallpapers

OnePlus announced the launching of a new digital wellbeing app for Android handsets last year through its innovation lab, OneLab. The Digital WellPaper app was unique in that it artistically displayed screen time and smartphone usage as an element on an organic live wallpaper, making Android users gently aware of their habits. OnePlus appears to be doubling down on its digital wellbeing app, releasing a 2022 update.

With Digital WellPaper, OnePlus avoids reinventing the wheel by keeping the app focused. It does, however, give its app a fresh coat of paint and a new appearance. Three new wallpapers will be added to the app: Botanical Garden, Cosmos, and Donut Shop. The image above shows how the new wallpaper will appear.

The revised software will support sideloaded apps in addition to new and visually appealing ways to examine your usage data. Users will be able to track sideloaded apps by assigning them to one of six different categories. Naturally, if you don’t want to track an app’s activities, you may put it in the “do not track” category. If you’re concerned about data privacy, OneLab has taken care to limit the data calculations to your phone. However, in order to comprehend “what the Google Play categories are for each individual app,” the software requires an online connection.

OneLab has been mindful, localizing the data calculations to just your phone.

Last year’s feature of being able to tap an empty place on the Home Screen to get a worldwide display of the device’s overall screen time consumption was apparently one of the most popular. This was formerly restricted, but it is now available through any of the wallpapers. If you’re interested, you may get Digital Wellpaper from the Google Play Store via the URL provided below.

WELLPAPER: Live wallpaper PRICE: Free

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