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While the previous week was highly dramatic in the world of technology, the week before that was pretty slow. Nothing significant happened this week, save from a few new details regarding the latest software updates, a couple of new WhatsApp features, and a few more Pixel 6 reports. However, this is simply the calm before the storm, as Apple and Samsung will both make huge announcements this week. Nonetheless, if you missed any of our coverage this week, here’s a quick rundown of all the major developments in the tech sector.

New WhatsApp Features

This week, the popular Facebook-owned communicator WhatsApp received a few improvements. End-to-end encrypted backups were added in one of the stable channel updates, which had been in development for over a year. If you use WhatsApp frequently, you can now install the latest version from the Play Store and encrypt your chat backup with a unique password or 64-digit key.

WhatsApp also received some beta channel upgrades, which allowed us a look at some in-development features. In an APK teardown of the app, we discovered an impending Community feature, which will most likely be another option to better organize groups in the messenger. We have learned that WhatsApp is planning to improve the voice recording feature by adding a new option that allows users to pause voice recordings.

Rootless Themes Return to Android

Because of the new Fabricated Overlays API, rootless themes are making a comeback with Android 12. Developers can utilize a gap in this API to install themes without having root access or signature-level permission, as XDA’s Zachary Wander pointed out in a post this week.

This week, we also received our first peek at Android 12’s Compatibility Definition Document (CDD). While it does not offer any exciting consumer-facing updates, it does define new performance classes for Android 12 devices for OEMs.

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