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Is it Windows 11?

Microsoft will completely revise the Windows 10 operating system in its next Windows 10 Sun Valley update (21H2). Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently confirmed that the next Windows version will bring major updates. Updates will appear “soon”. Well, now we have a formal date. Microsoft will release its “new version of Windows” skin in a separate event on June 24.

The official Windows phone Twitter recently posted a short teaser video with the Windows logo on Twitter and announced that the next Microsoft event will be held on June 24. Subsequently, Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s modern life and search and equipment division, quoted a tweet saying that he was not enthusiastic about the new version of Windows 95. Mehdi’s tweet is shown below.

There is no doubt that the “new version” of Windows is essentially an update to Sun Valley. If you remember, Microsoft even cancelled the highly anticipated release of Windows 10X this year to focus more on the next generation of Windows. Therefore, if we continue to discuss the new features in the next Windows update, we will know some information.

Therefore, due to leaks and rumors, there may be a redesigned operation center, a redesigned user interface with rounded corners, a redesigned Microsoft Store, a new file browser application with colorful icons, and so on. You can check our complete history of Sun Valley Windows Update (21H2) to see what happens. But will it be Windows 11 or Windows 10 21H2? You can hear my colleague Rupesh’s thoughts in our YouTube video:

The Microsoft event will be held at 11 am on June 24th. ET, which means being here in India at 8:30 in the evening. The event will be broadcast live on Microsoft’s official website, so stay tuned for more information.

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