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Microsoft’s Panos Panay unveiled the first previews of the new applications in Windows 11. Today, for the first time, we see an improved Photos application, which is arguably one of Microsoft’s core components. Windows 11 is the default image viewer.

The short video shared by Panay shows some important changes from the version we have today. When you open an image in a folder, you can move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the app to see a carousel of other photos in the folder. You can select multiple images at once, and they will all be displayed on one screen.

We are also looking at the changed app controls in the top menu. All options are centered, and instead of a panel spanning the entire application window, it’s a floating toolbox. Some parameters are also easier to access. You can now view image information such as date and location with just one click.

The file information panel has also been redesigned in the Photos application in Windows 11. It is now on the right side of the application window and has undergone some user interface changes. Each information has an associated icon to make it easier to identify. You can also add a description to the image, and when the image is geotagged, you can see its location on the thumbnail map right there.

These are interesting changes, but we don’t know when we can test them. We’re waiting for the improved Paint app for Windows 11 that Microsoft unveiled a few weeks ago, so it might take a while for the photos. receive updates.

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