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After Microsoft released the highly anticipated Windows 11 last week, Microsoft began to launch the first preview version on the developer channel. More importantly, the Redmond-based company has also made some changes to the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Windows 11, which enables users of 7th generation Intel Core processors or AMD Zen 1 processors to upgrade to the next generation of Windows.

Well, for those who didn’t know after Microsoft released Windows 11 last week, there is some controversy regarding the minimum system requirements associated with this next-generation desktop operating system in official blog post.

As per the blog post, Microsoft designed and built Windows 11 with reliability, security, and compatibility in mind. As a result, the company set a minimum system requirement for the OS “to keep pace with people’s expectations, needs and harness the true value and power of the PC to deliver the best experiences, now and in the future.”

The company is confident to use 8th generation Intel Core processors, 7th generation Intel Core processors and AMD Zen 1 processor devices for performance testing during the preview period.

At the same time, the company temporarily removed the PC Health Check application, which is designed to help existing Windows users verify whether their computers are compatible with Windows 11. Details or accuracy” on why your Windows 10 PC does not meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, before the updated version of the application is released, you can use this free application to check whether your computer is compatible with Windows 11. It means you Specific reasons why your PC cannot run Windows 11.

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