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The Kerala government plans to establish a drone research laboratory in Thiruvananthapuram to help contain the potential threat posed by drones. The development took place at Army Commander M.M. According to reports, Narawane said that off-the-shelf drones have caused security concerns in the country.

Kerala to set up Drone Research Lab

According to a recent report from ANI, Kerala Police Chief Anil Kant announced the government’s plan to establish a drone research laboratory and a drone forensics laboratory at a press conference on Friday. Police For laymen, Cyberdome is the technology research and development center of the Kerala Police Department.

“Of late drone is another emerging threat, which may pose very serious technology threat to the cities as well. We have taken a note of it and we are starting a Drone Research Lab and Drone Forensic Lab,” said Kerala Police chief Anil Kant.

In addition to the drone research laboratory, the Kerala police are also considering the establishment of a drone defense system. The exact function of the system is still unknown. “We plan to collaborate with our Cyber​​​drome volunteers and other experts in the field to develop anti-drone systems,” he said.

According to a PTI report (via the News Minutes), the Kerala DGP also mentioned that the National Anti-Terrorism Team (ATS) will be strengthened and efforts will be made to increase the presence of troops on social media to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

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