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Kellogg’s, a global grain company, partnered with a robotics company to deploy a pair of robotic grain machines in two American university canteens (called Kellog’s Bowl Bot). This is a custom grain mixer that can provide hundreds of breakfasts.

Students’ choice of up to 22 ingredient combinations. The American food giant collaborated with DoorDash’s Chowbotics to develop Bot Bot. The first was installed in a food service facility at Florida State University (FSU), and the second was installed at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Kelloggs Bowl Bot uses Chowbotics’ patented robotics technology to make various snacks for students. In addition, the two companies have jointly developed a special menu for students, which includes seven pre-programmed meals. It has interesting titles such as “About Last Night”, “Hawaii 5-0” and “Valentine’s Day Vibes”.

In addition, students can use any combination of Kellogg’s granola, milk and Greek yogurt and ingredients to make their own cereal bowls. It contains fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. The ingredients are stored in airtight containers and controlled refrigeration. In addition, automatic notifications of ingredients expiration dates are sent to the grocery stores on campus to ensure the best conditions for students.

Students can use the robotic touch screen interface or the Chowbotics mobile app to order breakfast cereals (or satisfy their late-night cravings for sweets? US$2.99 ​​to US$6.50.

At Kellogg, we are determined to provide innovative solutions to our service partners that will not only help them provide menu items but also general customer service,” the company said in a statement. This is a way of using robots and artificial intelligence to make food preparation easier for breakfast. What do you think of this grain vending machine? Do you want to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy from beebom.

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