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Since it has been available for more than a decade, Chrome OS, Google’s Linux-based operating system for its Chromebook machines, has undergone a tiny but significant branding change: it is now simply referred to as ChromeOS. The move was verified to The Verge by James Croom, Google’s senior director of marketing for ChromeOS.

The modification is visible throughout Google’s ChromeOS development page (though the official logo at the top appears to have a lowercase c.)

That’s three entire spaces saved just in this screenshot. (And four if you count the logo.) Screenshot from Google’s ChromeOS dev page

The modification hasn’t yet taken effect everywhere. For instance, Google still spells the operating system as two separate terms on this page of the Chromebook website dedicated to it. It looks like the new ChromeOS logo will be adopted eventually, as Croom said the business is aware the change isn’t represented everywhere but is striving to make it appear more consistently.

Look at that those spaces! Screenshot from Google’s Chrome OS page on its Chromebooks site

I’m wondering if Google would follow Apple’s long-standing move to designate their operating systems as “thingOS.” When the Pixel Watch is released this autumn, maybe Google may replace Wear OS with it as there is still room for it.

There is no evidence to suggest that Google will change anything other than ChromeOS. But it’s time to quit if you’ve grown accustomed to writing Chrome OS with that gap.

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