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Before launching the iPhone 13 series later this year, we saw several reports pointing out new features for future devices. A recent report said that with the launch of the iPhone 13 model, Apple will introduce portrait mode for video and ProRes video.

New Camera Features in iPhone 13 (Rumored)

The post comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gourmet, who said that the iPhone 13 series will bring significant improvements in the camera field. The foodie quoted a source familiar with the matter as saying that Apple will support video portrait mode, a new video format that allows users to record higher-quality videos, and a new filter for the upcoming iPhone 13 model that will become USP. According to iPhone 13 series reports.

The Cupertino giant introduced the portrait mode to photography when the iPhone 7 series was launched when they added a telephoto lens to the device for the first time, and this feature was very popular among users.

Therefore, starting with the next-generation iPhone 13, the company will add a feature to video that works similarly to the portrait mode of a picture. video.

In addition, Apple plans to add a new ProRes video format that allows users to record higher-quality videos for easier post-production. It will be similar to the ProRaw image format in the current iPhone 12 Pro model.

Very good. It is worth noting that the above features are expected to be unique to the iPhone 13 Pro series, and Apple also plans to add new camera filters. These filters are slightly different from existing filters. As a user, the user can apply the new filter to a specific part or object of the image instead of the entire image.

In addition, previous reports indicate that the iPhone 13 model is equipped with a larger battery, updated support for 25W fast charging, and a 120Hz ProMotion display. In addition, there are rumors that the next-generation iPhone will eventually take a notorious small step toward expansion. The ratio of the body to the screen.

However, it is important to note that none of these claims have been formally confirmed by Apple. The company keeps its future mobile devices secret. We will keep you updated on new developments in the upcoming iPhone 13 series.

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