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Reels are a priority for Instagram, as seen by the company’s apparent heavy investment on the project. The social networking site is now exploring a new tool that will turn video posts into Reels and previously tested a full-screen, TikTok-like user interface for its feed (although it wasn’t the most appealing).

Reels, Reels Everywhere?

Instagram has acknowledged that it is exploring a tool that converts videos shared as feed posts into reels automatically. An Instagram representative confirmed the information to TechCrunch, saying,“We’re testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.“

According to reports, the purpose of this is to make it simpler for videos to be present on the site. A small group of participants is testing it, and those who take part will see an in-app pop-up suggesting that the video posts will now be turned into Reels. Here’s a look at the screenshot that Matt Navarra posted on Twitter of the same.

If a user’s account is public, the video post that has been transformed into Reels will be accessible to everyone, and others can utilise its audio for other Reels. Remixes can also be made, although they can also have limitations. If the account is private, only the followers will be able to see it.

We are unsure, though, if this feature would be applicable to already-posted Instagram videos. Additionally, it’s unclear how this functions for videos posted in horizontal orientation. Additionally, it is unknown if and when Instagram intends to make this capability available to everyone.

This is just another attempt by Instagram to broaden the appeal of videos while reinforcing the new branding of the Meta-owned service, which declares that it is no longer a photo-sharing website. Given that it may elicit strong emotions, we must wait and observe how this test performs. Watch this space for more information, and feel free to comment below with your thoughts on Instagram’s latest test.

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