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Netflix may not release features as frequently as Google Maps, but the firm does add new features to Netflix on a regular basis (remember Netflix games?). If you like to check out new features before they’re released to the general public, you’ll probably enjoy Netflix’s experimental features. Netflix’s “Test Participation” programme can help with that. Here’s how to use Netflix’s beta features.

Everything You Should Know About Experimental Netflix Features

Netflix runs a test with a small group of beta testers before publishing a new feature like the Play Something button. Aside from that, Netflix mainly relies on experimenting to make decisions on button placements, UI, UX, movie art, and other aspects of the service. Let’s look at how you may use the Test Participation feature to acquire access to these intriguing experiments ahead of the rest of the world.

What Is Test Participation on Netflix

You can opt in to be a member of the beta testing group by using Netflix’s Test Participation option. The majority of applications, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others, allow users to sign up for beta testing as a way to double-check and fine-tune the update. In the case of Netflix, unless the firm has carried out the upgrade internationally, the average user will not notice any UI/UX changes or new features.

Enrolling in the Test Participation programme, on the other hand, authorises Netflix to give you all of these updates prior to the global launch. It allows Netflix to see if the modifications benefit the users. Smaller modifications, such as the location of the movie/series title, are being tested to see whether it enhances the click-through rate; more on that later.

If a feature proves to be helpful to the company, it is usually included in a general update. Otherwise, the feature will be discarded and will never be seen again. That implies that if you choose to participate in the Test, you will be among the first to experience a new feature. Otherwise, you can see what Netflix experimented with and what didn’t work.

It’s also worth noting that the test features are sent out to folks at random. As a result, you may not notice all of the new features right away. First, let’s look at how to enable the Test participation option. We’ll go through some examples later, as well as how Netflix employs the test efficiently.

How to Enable Test Participation on Netflix 1

You must choose to get tests and previews in order to access Netflix’s newest features. When you create a new account, the option is usually pre-enabled. However, there’s a chance you’ll be opted out by yourself or someone else who uses your account. So, here’s how to use Netflix’s Test Participation function.

  • Open and log in to the Netflix website on a browser.
  • Now, hover over your profile picture and select Account.
  • Now, scroll all the way down and select “Test Participation” under the Settings section.
  • Toggle the button on the right side and select Done to complete

You become eligible for future test sessions once you turn it on. Security, anti-fraud, and enforcement testing are not affected by this setting. You’ll still be able to notice prospective changes ahead of a regular viewer and contribute to Netflix’s improvement.

How the Netflix Experiments Work and Why They Do It

Netflix is built on the principle of giving consumers the most power and choice over their entertainment. Netflix’s user interface, for example, has seen significant changes in the recent decade. It had a static UI design with limited navigation options before to 2010, which was inspired by DVD rental store shelves. However, the testing has aided Netflix in developing a video-forward user interface, which has resulted in a greater click-through rate and a growing number of daily watchers. The same can be said for a slew of additional changes, such as button placement, movie artwork, call-to-action language, streaming quality, data plans, and anything else relating to Netflix’s streaming platform.

Making decisions is easy – making the right decisions is difficult, according to the Netflix technology blog. Netflix depends on data rather than allowing its executives to make all of the decisions, employing an expert team, holding an internal team debate, or emulating the competitors. It employs A/B testing to determine whether strategy is superior. Here’s an illustration:

Assume someone told Netflix that an upside-down title box art produces greater results; Netflix will put this theory to the test. A Simple Random Sample of the team’s members is taken and divided into two groups. The first group sees the standard user interface, while the second group sees the reversed box art. Then Netflix collects and analyses behavioural data from multiple tests before making a final conclusion. If users respond well to the new design, it will be kept. Otherwise, Netflix is aware of what didn’t work and is working to improve the platform.

Netflix Technology Blog

The project lets all members to vote with their actions, making Netflix a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Before presenting it to us, Netflix executes all of these tests with the employed team. Participants in the Test programme receive a carefully screened experiment, which frequently leads to platform improvements, such as the Skip Intro and Next Episode buttons.

Popular Netflix Test Features:

So far, we’ve learnt how Netflix tries with new ideas and puts them to the test before implementing them. It reduces the likelihood of failure greatly. Now, let’s look at several cases that Netflix has put to the test over and over, as well as a handful that have survived the tests and shown to be useful.

  • Netflix modifies the size of tiles on the homepage on a regular basis to see which one people prefer.
  • Changing the text on the homepage’s call-to-action button to determine which one generates the most conversions.
  • A test for customers who want to share their Netflix account information with their friends was recently conducted by the corporation. You will be able to share your Netflix account with others if the bill passes. Something the firm has tried unsuccessfully to prohibit for years.
  • Netflix is now testing a Tik-Tok-style short video feed on cellphones called Fast Laughs. If it proves to be a success, the company may release it for other devices as well.
  • The Skip Intro and Next Episode buttons were part of a test that became a permanent feature. For anyone who enjoys binge-watching their favourite series, this is one of the most intriguing aspects.

The test’s limited participants were given access to exclusive features such as the Shuffle-play button and the Next Episode button. You are still a part of minor A/B tests if you haven’t signed up for the Test participation programme. A call-to-action text is an example. When you visit the Netflix homepage, you’ll see that the button has a new text on it, as shown in the image below. The same is true for movie art, which is designed with the type of thumbnails that people are most likely to open in mind.

Netflix Technology Blog

How many experiments does Netflix run?

At any given time, Netflix can run hundreds of experiments. The majority of them are completed by the members of the employed staff. Some of them, such as title card size, title positioning, movie artwork, and others, are still put to the test on people all around the world.

How does Netflix use A/B testing?

According to Netflix’s blog, the team develops a hypothesis and then conducts an experiment to test it. Then they distribute the original and slightly upgraded versions of the platform to the users. Whichever outcome shows to be better is chosen and used to create a new hypothesis. Netflix is continually working to improve the platform, and this is a never-ending process.

What is a Netflix test?

Any new feature that Netflix is testing with regular users is referred to as a Netflix test. The Play Something button, for example, was a test that Netflix turned into a feature. Similarly, Netflix is presently doing research to see if customers are prepared to pay a fee to share their Netflix account with others.

Use Test Participation and Get Access to Netflix Beta Features

So that’s how you can enable ‘Test Participation’ on Netflix and use your account to try out Netflix’s experimental features. It’s normal practise to test out changes in beta, so if you enjoy being a part of the Netflix test group, why not start using beta features right now? Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to watch, Netflix has a wide selection of action movies, as well as Bollywood films.

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