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When you use services like Gmail, email tracking is a privacy-invading strategy used by advertisers and marketers to monitor your email activities. While most email companies offer safeguards against email monitoring, they are typically not turned on by default and are not user-friendly. In light of this, we have now covered how to disable email tracking in Gmail.

Stop Email Tracking in Gmail (2022)

Marketers use email tracking as a lead generation strategy to examine your behaviour and present you with relevant adverts. The sender will learn when you open the email, how many times you see it, and they may even receive notifications when you check the email if the email has covert tracking pixels embedded in graphics or links.

Follow the instructions below to discontinue email tracking on your Gmail account if that sounds intrusive and violates your privacy.

Stop Email Tracking Using the Gmail Website

1. Launch Gmail on the web and select the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page to access settings.

2. To access the Gmail settings page, select “See all settings” when the “Quick settings” screen displays.

3. Click the radio button next to “Ask before displaying external photos” in the “General” tab’s “Images” section.

4. To confirm the changes, scroll to the bottom and click “Save changes.” Going forward, Gmail won’t open the images by default, protecting you against nefarious tracking pixels in promotional emails.

Disable Email Tracking in Apple Mail App on Mac

1. To manage your Apple Mail preferences, launch Apple Mail and select “Mail -> Preferences” (on macOS Monterey or earlier). On macOS 13 Ventura and later, you must go to “Mail -> Settings”.

2. Next, uncheck the “Protect Mail Activity” box under the “Privacy” category in the top navigation bar.

3. Next, you must turn on “Block All Remote Content.” You have successfully prevented Apple Mail from tracking your emails in your Gmail account.

4. To demonstrate how images won’t be loaded in emails when you enable this feature, we’ve recorded a fun demo. Look at this GIF illustration:

Disable Email Tracking in Gmail Mobile App (Android and iOS)

On iOS and Android, the procedure to turn off monitoring in the Gmail apps is the same. Although we demonstrated the processes using the Gmail Android applications, you may also use them on an iPhone. So let’s check how it functions:

1. Tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the Gmail mobile app and choose “Settings” to turn off email monitoring.

2. After selecting the email account for which you wish to remove tracking pixels, scroll down and touch on the “Images” section.

3. Select the radio button that reads “Ask before displaying external images,” and you’re ready to go. The Gmail app will no longer display graphics by default to shield you from secret email trackers, just like its web-based equivalent.

Get Rid of Email Tracking in Apple Mail for iOS

1. Tap “Mail” in the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down in Mail settings and select “Messages,” then tap the “Privacy Protection” option. If you only want to disable tracking pixels, turn off the “Protect Mail Activity” toggle and turn on the “Block All Remote Content” toggle. When you open an email in Apple Mail, Gmail will no longer automatically track your activity.

Note: If you want to prevent remote image loading and hide your IP address from email marketers, keep the “Protect Mail Activity” toggle turned on. In a separate section below, we have included more details about this.

Bonus: Enable Mail Activity Protection on Apple Mail

We advise turning on Apple’s mail privacy protection if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 15 or later. Apple claims that the function masks your IP address and loads external material in private and quietly. From Settings -> Mail -> Privacy Protection -> Protect Mail Activity, you can turn on the feature. Visit our guidelines on configuring mail privacy protection in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey for more information.

Keep Gmail Trackers at Bay With Email Tracking Protection

There you have it, then. You may avoid annoying emails that use trackers in Gmail by following the instructions shown above.

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