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LINUX Mint RUFUS Brunch Chrome OS Recovery Image

For those who want to turn their old PC/laptop into a long-lasting battery life Chromebook, here’s your time to shine!

Before getting started you are gonna need a few things downloaded with you.

  • Linux mint bootable image
  • Rufus to create a bootable USB
  • Chrome OS recovery – Now here you should know the processor you have on your computer. Those who have Intel will need to download ‘rammus’. You will find it when you scroll down a little and those with AMD Ryzen will need to download Zork.
  • Next, google brunch GitHub and click the first link you find among the SERPs. When you get to the website, click on the link you will find on the right panel saying “Brunch r89 stable 20210403” and download that too.
  • script saved as a shell script.

(Please do find the links for the above requirements at the beginning of this blog)

The Procedure


  • Plugin your USB Pendrive. Make sure your USB drive space is more than 16 GB.
  • Now, click open the Rufus and specify your USB on the device selector.
  • Click on select and locate the image that you downloaded earlier. Your next step is to flash the Pendrive with LINUX Mint.
  • Now go to the Pendrive, create a new folder and name it Chrome OS.
  • In the above-mentioned folder, you will copy the files that you downloaded earlier which are brunch, Chrome OS recovery image, and script.
  • Now it’s time to extract those downloaded and copied files.
  • A simple yet important thing to do here now is that you will need to rename the chrome OS extracted file to rammus_recovery. Make sure you don’t remove the extension ‘.bin’ from the file’s name.

Guess what? That was the tough part of the process. Starting here, it will be all a piece of cake.

  • Now you have to reboot your computer into LINUX Mintor the bootable USB we just created.
  • Once the computer is rebooted, go to the boot menu and select your USB Pendrive. Make sure you select it in UEFI mode. Thereby you shall be able to see the LINUX screen.
  • Click on the first option you see and after a while, you will see the LINUX Mint logo on your screen.
  • Once booted into LINUX, connect your computer to the internet.
  • Go to files > File system > CD ROM. In CD ROM you will spot the Chrome OS folder.
  • Get to the search bar that you can find on the LINUX and search for “GParted”
  • Once you click on GParted, make sure you know on which hard disk or hard drive you want your Chrome OS and remember your disk path.
  • Now close the GParted tab and open the Chrome OS folder.
  • There you will need to open your file with a text editor. Here you will need to check our installation path. If it is the same, we tell you not to change it and if it’s not, we ask you to modify it accordingly.
  • Right-click on the folder and open the terminal. Here you will type “sudo sh” and press enter. Here, your computer will start looking for all the files and installing it
  • Once it stops, it will ask you if you still want to continue.
  • Here you will get a chance again to verify your path. So please do that, type in “yes” and press enter.
  • The process will then take time depending on how fast your ‘RD/WR’ function is on your disk.
  • After a while, your Chrome OS is installed.
  • Reboot your system and go to the boot menu again.
  • Select your hard disk that will be now in “UESI OS” format
  • The screen will be now that of brunch recovery. Press enter. The process will be around 5-10 minutes long. Enough for you to get yourself some coffee.
  • Enjoy your new Chromebook and your cup of coffee guys!

Feel free to reach out to us with any of your questions, guys. We are here!

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