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Have you been using Twitter for a long time? Do you have any users worth subscribing to? Now you want to know how to verify on Twitter? Then you have come to the right place. After a long vacation of three years, Twitter recently resumed comments and now allows users to request comments to get a blue checkmark. Many Twitter users believe that the company’s blue tick is the gold standard for platform visibility. Therefore, this article introduces the basic Twitter verification requirements, the steps to request verification, and some useful tips to easily verify on Twitter in 2021.

Get Verified on Twitter ( May 2021)

Twitter Verification Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Twitter blue label, your account must fall into one of the following six categories:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Some common factors in all categories are public Twitter accounts and three or more multimedia mentioned in the past six months. In addition, Twitter also requires companies, brands, organizations, and activists to have followers in the top 0.05% of active accounts in the same geographic area. For more information on Twitter’s specific category standards, please visit the company’s support page.

How to Apply for Twitter Verification

  1. Open the Twitter app and click on Settings and Privacy in the hamburger menu on the left. Click Account here to access your account settings.

2. You will now see the “Request Confirmation” option. Click it to go to the verification settings page. If you don’t see it, you must wait a moment because Twitter is still implementing it. On the page that opens, select the appropriate category for your account.

3. Now, you need to choose how to verify your identity. You need to upload a government-issued ID, add an official business email address or directly link to the official website of your Twitter account. Choose the verification method that best suits your needs and submit your request.

If you are concerned about your privacy, Twitter will mention on the official FAQ page that you have not received or stored a copy of your government ID. The company relies on a trusted third party to “verify your identity” and determine whether your account is eligible for verification.

4. After submitting the request, you will see a confirmation screen similar to the one shown below.

Please note, however, that a confirmation request does not necessarily guarantee that you will receive a blue label on Twitter. If you think you should put a blue mark on Twitter, just send a request and wait for Twitter to respond. You will communicate your decision via email within a few weeks. You will also receive an official DM from the @verified Twitter account.

Can I Reapply for Twitter Verification, If Rejected?

For example, suppose you asked for confirmation on Twitter, but the first attempt was unsuccessful. What should you do next? If your first attempt fails, don’t be discouraged. You can ask again.

Check Twitter. Twitter stated on its official “FAQ” page: “If you think your request should not be rejected, you can resubmit it for review 30 days after the request is rejected.” Similarly, there is no limit to the number of times you can request confirmation.

This means you can ask for confirmation every 60 days or more. We assume that Twitter will contact you with your request status within 30 days, so this number can be reached. Days, and then you need to wait another 30 days to reapply. Ultimately, unless the new app is suspended, you can get 5 to 6 confirmations on Twitter almost every year.

Best Tips to Get Verified on Twitter

Even if your account meets all the conditions we added in the “Eligibility” section, Twitter will not necessarily verify your profile. This is because the company is studying some signals to determine the importance of the account, namely:

  • Complete and Optimize Your Twitter Profile

The applicant is required to provide all personal profile information, including profile name, profile photo, cover photo and biography. It’s always wise to include your thoughts on how you want the public to recognize you in the user’s resume. It may be work.

Title or notable achievement. For example, my colleague Anmol’s Twitter profile clearly lists his name, profile, cover photo, and job description. It is always a good idea to include your employer’s @account in your resume. Add links to blog posts or online mentions on your profile.

  • Make Sure Your Account is Active

The verified account must be active on the Twitter platform. You must log in to this account at least within the last six months. However, please make sure you tweet regularly and interact with other Twitter users by replying to tweets and direct messages. This sounds like simple advice, but it goes a long way to building your brand, and it’s one step away from commenting on Twitter.

  • Build Credibility on Twitter

Using pictures to create a complete profile, links to blog posts/videos/books, and other details are important, there are several other ways to build trust on Twitter. You can tweet articles written for important posts and link to other profiles in the process. Tag your posts, brand accounts mentioned in the story, and other tweets to increase the credibility of the topic.

  • Confirmed Email Address and Number

For security reasons, you must have a verified email address or phone number. We also recommend enabling two-factor authentication for Twitter to improve the security of your account.

  • Follow Twitter Rules

It may sound obvious, but Twitter requires job applicants not to violate Twitter rules and be banned from using a 12-hour or 7-day ban in the past year.

Steps to Get the Blue Tick on Twitter

Here is how to apply for Twitter verification in 2021. Whether you want to build a personal brand or grow your business, having a verified Twitter account will definitely help you build trust. Now, you will be happy to hear that the company plans to add scholars, scholars, and religious leaders to these categories later this year. good luck! Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.

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