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A few months ago, Google Chrome tested the new material you designed. Since the Android police found out, Google developers have made some progress in dynamic color themes, and Chrome Material You is taking shape. We will see how you can test the upcoming Chrome Material You Design before the public release later this year.

Get Material You Theme in Google Chrome

To get the Material You aesthetic in Google Chrome, you need to enable two Chrome logos in the Canary version of your phone. Needless to say, you need an Android 12 Android phone to make this feature work. Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. Open Chrome-Flags (chrome: // flags) and activate the flags mentioned below. Remember to restart the browser after activation. Check the “Dynamic Color on Android” checkbox to “Enabled (Full)”.

2. If you don’t see this feature right away, please uninstall Chrome Canary from the “Recent Applications” page and open the application manually. You will now notice that the Chrome UI elements follow the Material You design language.

Although Chrome has Material You built into its core UI elements, it is not finished yet. At this point, some notable omissions are options in Chrome settings, long press, and background context menus. However, this should be resolved in a future version of Canary (such as Chrome). Is preparing to fully cover the subject of the material.

You could expect Chrome to support Material You in the stable channel right when Google launches Android 12 later this year.

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