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This post will show you how to make Netflix work with HDR on unsupported devices. Your device must nevertheless support HDR. Users whose devices enable HDR yet Netflix does not yet offer HDR should read this post.

There are two ways to turn on HDR on Netflix. You can do it by using a Magisk module or an LSPosed with Pixelify module. The Pixelify module can be used for this procedure, yes. Because making Google Photos infinite is not the Pixelify module’s primary goal. You can display the chosen applications as a Pixel series with this module. From the Pixel 1 through the Pixel 6 Pro, every model is available. In this essay, the Pixel 6 Pro will be impersonated. Go to the steps now.


  • Magisk, if you don’t have magisk; install it via this article.
  • LSPosed, if you don’t have LSPosed; install it via this article.

How to enable HDR in Netflix

For this process, you can utilise LSPosed or Magisk. You’ll observe both approaches. You will finish the process by enabling HDR in Netflix.

Magisk method

Download the Unlocker module first. open the Magisk. Next, click the modules tab in the lower right corner. Then choose the downloaded module by clicking the “install from storage” option. The installation menu will then display several games and other items. To restart your device, simply tap the volume down button while selecting 1.

Open Magisk app.
Go to “Modules” tab.
Tap “install from storage” button.
Select 1 via volume down button and reboot.

As you can see, Netflix now supports HEVC and HDR10. However, HDR options in Netflix settings were nonexistent before to adding the module.

Before Unlocker Module.
After Unlocker Module.

LSPosed method

Click the Downloads tab in the LSPosed. Numerous modules can be found here. In the search box, tap “pixelify.” The “Pixelify GPhotos” feature will appear. Click or tap the “Release” tab. Install the APK after downloading it.

Open LSPosed.
Go to downloads tab.
Search for Pixelify, and select it.
Download and install the APK.

You will notice a notification from the LSPosed app after installing the apk. Toggle the HDR module on in Netflix by tapping on it. Don’t forget to choose Netflix from the list of apps. Restart your device once Netflix has been chosen.

Tap the notification.
Enable the Pixelify module.
Search for Netflix in applist and enable it too.
Reboot your device.

Then use the Pixelify app to make the necessary configuration changes. The Pixel 6 Pro should be selected under “device to impersonate.” Also, remove the checkbox next to “Make sure to fake just in Google Photos.” HDR won’t function if you don’t enable this. When you look at Netflix, you will notice a gadget impersonating a Pixel 6 Pro. HDR will also be in use.

Open the Pixelify app.
Select Pixel 6 Pro.
Disable “only GPhotos” section.
Spoofed as Pixel 6 Pro

I’m done now! You’ve already made Netflix’s HDR available. Both methods are acceptable; the choice is yours. However, LSPosed technique is advised. due to the fact that it alters the device fingerprint for certain apps. However, Magisk Module 1 alters the fingerprint for every action. It may break and crash as a result of this.

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