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It’s likely that you already use dark mode frequently on your PC, iPhone, or Android device to prevent your eyes from being burned by bright white lights that could cause insomnia and eye fatigue. But what about utilising dark mode on every page you visit using your preferred web browser?

That being said, using the free Chrome extension Dark Reader, we will learn in this step-by-step tutorial how to enable dark mode on all websites in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer and navigate to the Chrome Web Store at

Step 2: Inside the Chrome Web Store, utilise the search box to look for and install the browser extension known as Dark Reader.

Step 3: After installation, select Dark Reader by clicking the Puzzle icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome window. The Dark Reader menu will then appear.

Step 4: Once the extension UI has been opened, click the on button to turn it on. You will then notice that any open websites dimly illuminate. Additionally, you can adjust the darkness, greyscale, contrast, and brightness of the dark mode using any of the sliders in the Dark Reader menu.

You may enable dark mode on any page in Google Chrome in a similar manner to prevent your eyes from becoming scorched with intense white light, especially in dimly lit areas.

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