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Honor has teased a laptop running the Magic OS for Windows. Magic OS is Huawei’s proprietary operating system for smartphones and tablets, for those unfamiliar. It is expected to be a customised system based on the Windows system’s secondary development. Honor Vice President Xiong Junmin posted a snapshot of the company’s future laptop, which has a metal body and a matte finish.

Honor’s upcoming laptop is teased to come with Magic OS

“From mobile phones to PCs, Honor’s research and development and adjustment of the underlying systems have never stopped,” the Honor official said. , Intelligent collaborative cross-device OS, and personalised basic OS composition will help PC products with stronger performance and lower power consumption! “

The new Honor notebook with Magic OS is said to provide a smartphone-like experience and features. GPU Turbo X, Link Turbo X, and OS Turbo X functionalities are planned to be included. This also reveals hardware and software boost modes for the laptop.

On May 16th at 2:30 p.m., Honor will unveil the Magicbook 14 2022 laptop. According to some sources, the forthcoming offering will be marketed as a “mini flagship.” A 12th-generation Intel Core processor or an AMD Ryzen 6000 chipset are expected to power the device.

At the presentation next week, we’ll learn more about the Magicbook 14 2022. So stay tuned!

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