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Online drama related to Elon Musk? Well, this is already commonplace on Twitter, so after the recent publication of a book about Musk’s electric car company Tesla, a new argument emerged between Elon Musk and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Get some popcorn and enjoy the poignant drama between two rich people from the big world of technology.

So it all started when Tom Higgins, an automotive and technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal, published his new book on Tesla and its rise in the industry. After its publication, the Los Angeles Times published a detailed review of the book. Los Angeles Times writer Russ Mitchell started with an anecdote about the so-called conversation between Musk and Cook.

Around 2016 when Tesla was in financial trouble, it was reported that Musk wanted to sell Apple for 1/10 of the value of Apple, but according to reviews, Higgins’s book told a different story.

In the book, Higgins wrote that in the conversation between the two CEOs allegedly, Apple proposed to buy Tesla to get the company out of financial trouble. According to this book, Musk agreed, but with one condition. After the acquisition, he wanted to become Apple’s chief executive officer, Tim Cook yelled “Fuck you” and hung up the phone.

Well, if you remember, at the end of last year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gillman first reported the story of Apple’s purchase of Tesla. Gourmet wrote in the report that Musk wanted to meet with Cook in person to discuss the deal, but Apple’s CEO refused to meet with Musk. Musk confirmed this in a tweet at the time.

After the Power Play comment, Foodie shared a tweet with a link to the Daily Mail’s report on the comment. He later shared another tweet, quoting Tim Cook’s interview with Kara Swisher, in which Cook stated that he “never spoke to Elon.” By phone or in person.

On the other hand, Musk viewed Gourmet’s tweets as a platform for criticizing the Higgins book. Tesla CEO wrote: “Higgins managed to get his book wrong and boring“, followed by two laughing emojis. BBC reporter James Clayton Musk confirmed that he and Cook “never spoke or wrote to each other.”

So was there a phone call between the two CEOs in 2016? Well, it’s still a mystery for the time being. However, it is worth noting that Higgins’ book criticized Musk’s contribution to Tesla, calling it “the dramatic role of those who do their best in a chaotic and dysfunctional environment.” The comment in The Times did not mention the source of the anecdote in the book. What do you think of all these telephone disputes? Please let us know in the comments below.

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