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Snapstreak has to be the one Snapchat feature that helps with user retention. Maintaining Snapstreaks is a significant thing for most Snapchat users. It was created as a strategic incentive for users to keep returning and utilizing the site. As a result, losing a Snapstreak due to things like server outages or software difficulties is a genuinely awful experience. If you’ve just lost your Snapstreak with a close friend or significant other, here’s how to get it back on Snapchat.

Get Your Snapstrek Back (2022)

What is Snapstreak?

Snapstreaks, or Snapchat Streaks, are a visual representation of regular interactions with a Snapchat user. When you and a friend start sending snaps to each other at least once per 24 hours for three days in a row, you’ve started a Snapstreak. To be clear, your Snapstreaks will not be affected by text conversations within the Snapchat app. If you don’t share a photo or video with Snapchat friends or loved ones within a 24-hour window, you’ll lose your Snapstreak.

When the streak starts, you’ll notice a fire emoji (🔥) next to their name in the chat list. When you start sending each other Snaps on a regular basis, a number shows next to the fire emoji. It represents your Snapstreak, or how many days you’ve been trading Snaps with each other. The number 58 in the graphic above, for example, indicates that the sender has been delivering Snaps to the recipient for approximately two months.

If you don’t send the other person a snap within 24 hours, your Snapstreak will expire. A warning appears in the form of an hourglass emoji, reminding you to snap the other person. However, technical faults or network issues may cause you to lose your Snapchat streak. If you believe you have lost your Snapstreak by accident, Snapchat allows you to file an appeal. Learn how to request that your Snapchat streak be restored in the next section.

Restore Streak in 4 Easy Steps

1. Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji (or profile icon) at the top-left corner. When your profile opens, press the Settings icon from the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down until you find the “Support” section and select “I Need Help”. You will now be taken to Snapchat’s support page. Tap “Snapstreaks” to view Snapstreaks-related support topics.

open support to restore Snapstreak in Snapchat

3. Look for the question “What if my Snapstreak has gone away but I know we’ve sent a Snap (not Chat) back and forth within the 24-hour window?” and click on the “Let us know” hyperlink. Under the “Contact Us” section on the next page, you need to select the “I lost my Snapstreak” option on the Snapchat support page.

4. A form will appear, prompting you to enter information such as your login, email, phone number, device, friend’s username, and more. To submit the request, fill in the required information and hit “Send.” It’s worth noting that when making the request, you can only use the username of one friend. If you’ve lost numerous Snapstreaks, you’ll need to make separate requests to Snapchat.

submit appeal to Restore Snapstreak on Snapchat

So there you have it, our approach to getting Snapstreak back in Snapchat. Even if you failed to send Snaps to keep the Snapstreak alive, you can include that information in the support ticket’s “What information should we know?” textbox. Then you can cross your fingers and hope that your Snapstreak is restored by the company. Even in such forgetful situations, Snapstreaks have been reported to be easily regained. However, if you make this a habit, you are unlikely to regain your streak. Good luck, and do let us know whether you were able to retrieve your Snapstreak in the comments section below.

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