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Microsoft announced Windows 11 at today’s event, and we see that all the key features of the desktop operating system are available. But what about the features that Microsoft removed in Windows 11? If you are skeptical about installing Windows 11 and want to know whether this upgrade is worthwhile, here is a list of features that Microsoft has removed or removed in Windows 11.

List of Removed Features in Windows 11

Although Microsoft removed some features from Windows 10, today it added improved features to replace them in Windows 11. In any case, here are all the features that Microsoft removed when migrating from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Live Tiles

With the update of the “Start” menu in Windows 11, Microsoft has forever left Live Tiles behind. You will no longer see dynamic previews in the Start menu that rarely work as expected. However, if you want to return the live tile to Windows. 11. You can follow our guide to return to the Windows 10 start menu in Windows 11.

Windows Timeline

When migrating from Windows 10 to Windows 11, one change that users will definitely notice is the removal of the timeline. The timeline is a complex task view that shows a chronological view of the applications you access on a Windows PC. However, Microsoft claims that some of The Timeline’s features are effective in Edge.


Microsoft has confirmed that Cortana will no longer be included in the first download. What does this actually mean? Well, when Cortana says “Hello! I’m Cortana, I’m here to help. Log in here, there is a bit of WiFi there, and we will let your computer adapt to everything. You plan to do this. “Set up a new Windows 11 PC hours. Thanks to Microsoft.

Tablet Mode

Microsoft is removing the tablet mode in Windows 11. But don’t worry. The company has significantly improved the touch screen experience with its new Windows 11 desktop operating system. In addition, every time the keyboard is plugged into the tablet, Windows 11 will automatically adjust.

Quick Status in Lock Screen

In Windows 10, you can select an application to view its status directly on the lock screen. Microsoft will end support for this feature in Windows 11, and you will no longer see it on the lock screen.

Internet Explorer

At this point, I am tired of writing articles about the death of Internet Explorer. In Windows 11, Microsoft helped us all by disabling Internet Explorer. If you really want Internet Explorer, you can use IE mode to view the old system in Edge.

Other miscellaneous features Microsoft removed with Windows 11 are as follows:

  • Math Input Panel
  • replacement of Snipping Tool with Snip & Sketch
  • removal of People section in the taskbar, and Wallet.
  • While Microsoft will no longer pack 3D Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D, and Skype apps with Windows 11, you can always download them from the Store.
  • You can’t move the taskbar around – alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed. Oh, and if you are using S Mode, it is available only on Windows 11 Home Edition now.

Features Removed by Microsoft in Windows 11

So these are all the features that Microsoft removed when switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11. As you can see, apart from live tiles and timelines, you don’t have to sacrifice too much when upgrading to the latest version of the Microsoft operating system

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