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Since 2014, Google has maintained a companion platform for smartwatches called Wear OS. However, the Mountain View behemoth has yet to release its smartwatch. Nonetheless, according to a recent source, the business is finally working on an in-house wearable that will debut in 2022 as a direct competitor to the Apple Watch.

The next Google wristwatch, according to Insider, is being built by the company’s Pixel hardware division, which is separate from Fitbit, which Google purchased for $2.1 billion. The Google smartwatch has been given the internal codename “Rohan,” though it is unclear whether it will be called the “Pixel Watch” upon launch.

What we do know is that the incoming smartwatch will be unlike Fitbit wearables in that it will be more than just a fitness-focused smart band. According to the rumor, Google’s next wristwatch would most likely compete with Apple’s wearables offering, and it will include advanced functions such as heart rate monitoring, ECG, and more.

With the launch of the wristwatch next year, Google is also said to be working on integrating Fitbit into Wear OS, dubbed “Nightlight.” Wear OS 3, the company’s next-generation smartwatch platform, is currently in development and will most likely debut with its own wearable. However, we get a glimpse of Wear OS 3 earlier this year when Google teamed with Samsung to produce the Wear OS-based One UI skin, which was only available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

In terms of when the Google wristwatch will be available, it is expected to appear in 2022 and will cost more than Fitbit watches. As a result, we may expect the wearable to compete with the Apple Watch and aid Google’s entry into the wearables market. Do you believe Google will be able to create a worthy Android smartwatch? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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