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Google Wallet app is here to replace your physical wallet & ‘Google Pay’

Google officially revealed the much-anticipated Google Wallet update today at its I/O developer conference. You can now store everything from credit cards to digital IDs on your phone with the upgraded Google Wallet app. The corporation is attempting to take the place of your real wallet. And, here’s the kicker: in some regions, the new Google Wallet app will also replace the old Google Pay app. That’s true, outside of the United States, Singapore, and India, Google Pay will soon become the new Google Wallet app.

The Google Wallet app’s concept is simple: it replaces your actual wallet with a digital wallet that lives within your phone. This means you’ll be able to keep all of your IDs, credit and debit cards, airline boarding tickets, and other important documents in it. Google’s Wallet app is also being integrated with other Google services, such as Google Maps. When you add your transport card to Wallet, Google Maps will immediately display your card and balance when you search for directions.

However, storing digital IDs is more difficult than it appears. We went over Google’s attempts in Android 11 to enable you store identity cards using the Identity Credential API. There are numerous security issues to be resolved, but Google appears to be confident in its ability to do so. The business claims that the new app would include items like driver’s licences and state IDs, albeit this will require a lot of work from state DMVs and other local organisations in the United States. Notably, office badges and hotel keys will be stored in the Google Wallet, which will necessitate third-party cooperation.

Google Wallet or Google Pay?

While the new app is intended to replace Google Pay, the firm is not completely abandoning the old app. Both brands will exist side by side. Consider it a combination of Apple’s Wallet software and Apple Pay service. They’ve both been a part of Apple’s ecosystem for a long time. So, how is Google handling the app’s rollout? Take a look at this:

In many countries, Google Pay is essentially becoming Google Wallet. In the United States, Singapore, and India, however, this is not the case. In the United States and Singapore, Google Wallet will launch as a standalone app, but Google Pay will continue to be used for payments. There will be no separate Wallet app in India because Google Pay will remain the same. Wallet, unlike Google Pay, will be an Android-only app for the time being. However, it appears that some information will be available on other platforms as well. Because storing digital IDs is complex, it’s likely to be limited to a single device and will necessitate additional procedures to change.

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