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Last year, Google launched Google TV, this is a great Android TV review, you can read our Google TV best tips to fully customize. Today at the 2021 I/O conference, Google announced that with the new built-in Android TV remote control, you can finally use your Android phone as a TV remote control this year.

Use Your Android Mobile as TV Remote

In addition to the flexibility to seamlessly use the phone as a remote control, this feature also solves one of Google’s main problems: text input. It is inconvenient to use the remote control to enter the movie title or even the password. With this integration, you can easily achieve it. Write a letter by phone.

“We’re making it easier to navigate your TV by building remote-control features directly into your Android phone, so you can watch your favorite show even if your actual remote is missing. And when you need to type a complex movie title or password, you can save time and use your phone’s keyboard to enter the text,” says the company.

Google has announced the layout of the next feature: you will get a touchpad-like area that can be navigated in the TV’s UI, as well as dedicated volume buttons, back buttons, and home buttons. You can see how it works in the GIF. In the appendix:

Google said that the remote control built into Android phones can be used immediately with more than 80 million Android TV devices, including Google TV. Sorry, it is currently unavailable. Google said it will launch this feature later this year.

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