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Google Rolls Out Emergency Update for Chrome Users; Here’s Why You Should Update Now!

Following a warning from India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which is part of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Google has provided an emergency update for its Chrome browser (MeitY). Five severe vulnerabilities in the web browser were noted in the alert, all of which might expose users’ sensitive information to hackers. The following are the specifics.

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Chrome contains many significant vulnerabilities, according to CERT-In, which can be exploited by fraudsters to remotely hack users’ machines or access sensitive data. CVE-2021-4099, CVE-2021-4100, CVE-2021-4101, and CVE-2021-4102 are among them. Although the technical details of the flaws are still unclear, they may have an impact on your privacy.

The “vulnerability (CVE-2021-4102) is being actively exploited in the wild,” according to the report. Google has confirmed this, and the Google Chrome update version 96.0.4664.110 for Windows, Mac, and Linux have begun to roll out. The upgrade has recently begun to roll out in both the stable and extended stable channels. The patch should be available to all users within the next several days, according to the business.

External security experts identified 22 types of vulnerability updates in the current Chrome release, including the 5 significant ones described above.

So, if you’re a Chrome user who wants to keep your computer and sensitive data safe, both Google and the Indian government recommend that you update to the most recent version right now. The “About Chrome” section of the browser’s Settings menu is where you may update your Chrome browser.

Although most browsers update themselves, it is always a good idea to check if you have the most recent update. You can always check manually, and if an update is available, follow the steps outlined above to download it. Have you installed the most recent version of Google Chrome?

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