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The Indian Competition Commission (ITC) today ordered an investigation into Google’s abuse of Android TV in the field of smart TV on the grounds of violating some anti-competitive laws in India. Last year, two lawyers filed a lawsuit against the Mountain View giant.

For those who don’t know, ICC launched an investigation last year to see if Google is abusing its dominant position in the Android smartphone market to encourage competition in the smart TV market. Create obstacles for OEMs and smart TV developers who intend to use or develop a modified version of Android for smart TVs.

Now, nearly a year after the case opened, the International Criminal Court claims that, based on a preliminary review of the case, Google has indeed violated some of India’s anti-competitive laws. The investigation is conducted by the Director General of the International Criminal Court. This is based on available information and materials provided by Google.

However, Google denied these allegations. The company said its free licensing model has helped India’s smart TV industry to flourish. In addition, Android TV competes with many mature TV operating systems in the country.

“We are confident that our smart TV licensing practices are in compliance with all applicable competition laws,” said a Google spokesperson.

However, the two Indian lawyers Kshitiz Arya and Purushottam Anand in the original case argued that Google restricts the development of many virtual goods and services to its anti-competitive behavior, so the company is now facing an antitrust investigation in India. Fully understand the situation.

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