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Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla are Working Together to Improve Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are absolutely useful for users, whether they are Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons or Safari extensions. However, developing in different browsers is often a challenge for developers. Browser spaces including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla have joined the WebExtensions Community Group (WECG).

WebExtensions Community Group

The goal of the WebExtensions Community Group (WECG) is to make it easier for developers to create extensions. In order to achieve this, participating browser manufacturers hope to provide a unified model for the community’s functions, APIs, and authorization. Achieve extended overall reliability through an architecture that improves performance and safety.

“Using the existing extensions model and APIs supported by Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari as a foundation, we will start by working on a specification. We aim to identify common ground, bring implementations into closer alignment, and chart a course for future evolution,” wrote the W3C Team in the announcement post.

However, this does not mean that browsers will no longer introduce new APIs that support certain use cases. In the same article, W3C made it clear that the community will not list all aspects of the web extension platform.

“We don’t plan to specify, standardize or coordinate around extension signing or delivery. Each browser vendor will continue to operate their extension store fully independently, with their own technical, review, and editorial policies,” the post added.

The community encourages other browser vendors to join this work. It will also provide input after the first draft of the specification is published. For details on how this program affects you as a developer, see the full post on GitHub: Hope we can get the best extensions for Mac and Windows browsers and everything in between as soon as possible.

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