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Flipkart Launches New QR Code-Based Payment Option for Pay-on-Delivery Orders

Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has launched a new payment system that can make UPI payments based on the QR code of cash on delivery orders. This move comes after the company saw a gradual surge in the number of UPI-based payments in the market since last year. In addition, the new QR code-based payment solution increases customer confidence in cash on delivery and provides greater security by minimizing physical contact.

In an official blog post, the company announced a new QR code-based payment function, so, according to Flipkart, cash on delivery orders are now sent using a unique QR code. You only need to scan the code that came with your purchase and use any UPI app of your choice to make a digital payment.

This simple payment method not only makes cash on delivery safer and more convenient, but also makes delivery non-contact. The company claims that UPI-based payments have grown steadily. According to the latest NPCI data.

Furthermore, the new facility will ensure “consumer trust in digital transactions, enhance consumer safety and contribute to an overall increase in the adoption of digital commerce.”

This move also enables Flipkart to move towards the goal of replacing cash on delivery with digital payments. The company has also expanded its digital products so that buyers across the country can safely pay for orders.

Starting today, package delivery will start based on the QR code of the cash on the delivery order. If you receive a cash-on-delivery order within the next few days, you should pay digitally.

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